SUV Rollover Lawyers NH

SUV Rollover Lawyers NH

SUV rollover accidents are a special case of car accidents—the damage can be more expensive, the injuries might be more severe, and most importantly, it could have been caused by a design flaw without which you (and your loved ones riding with you) wouldn't have suffered such a terrible accident. In order to work through all of these issues, you'll need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer - Liberty Legal Services. Don't try to go it alone when so much is at stake, including your ability to receive financial compensation for the property damage and medical bills that you now must bear.


SUV rollover cases also require a higher level of knowledge than some attorneys might be able to provide—make sure that your attorney is familiar with all of the complex issues that will come up. For instance, even just figuring out which law to invoke when filing your suit might not be easy. Is your case most properly a negligence case, meaning that the company who made your SUV should have been more careful when designing and testing your SUV before selling it to the public? Or is your case more properly a product liability case, which has a different standard of responsibility which the company owed to you and other customers?

Another specialized aspect of your case will be the need to gather and analyze technical evidence related to the SUV's design and function. A lawyer will be able to force the company to give you access to its records of the process of designing, manufacturing, and testing the SUV. Once you have access to those records, a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer will need to analyze the data and possibly hire an expert in SUV design to make the case that the automobile company wasn't as careful or competent as they should have been.

Meanwhile, the company will probably act to defend the suit against them, using their own lawyers and seeking information from you as well. You might be directed to given the company access to records pertaining to the financial and medical damages that you suffered, including the full medical file pertaining to your injuries. A lawyer can help you know what materials you have to turn over and can act to protect you from requests that you actually aren't legally obligated to honor. Auto manufacturers generally have deep pockets and the ability to energetically pursue their case. The protection of a skilled lawyer will save you a lot of stress and worry over how to comply without hurting your case.

Another invaluable function that your lawyer will fill is research. A skilled personal injury lawyer will know how to search to find other cases that have been filed by others who were also hurt in similar SUV rollover accidents, perhaps even against the same company. This information can be invaluable to your case, perhaps establishing a pattern of accidents that help to show that your SUV was poorly designed and that your accident was a part of that pattern, not just a fluke.

Finally, if your case is strong the auto company might offer a settlement, meaning a sum of money to be paid to in return for your dropping the case. This might be to your advantage, as continuing the case to trial may take longer than you'd like and be financially and emotionally draining. On the other hand, the settlement offer may not be a good deal in light of what you might be awarded if you did go to trial. A skilled personal injury lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf, perhaps getting a better offer, and will help you to make the best decision between accepting a settlement or going to trial.

Don't delay—evidence needs to be collected quickly to preserve your case. Call our N.H. Lawyers for a consultation today.