Lead Paint damage injury attorneys

Lead Paint damage injury attorneys

There are a few modern tragedies that can seem even more terrible because they take us so completely by surprise. Asbestos, some medical treatments, lead paint—all intended to be beneficial and routine, all assumed to be safe by people going about their lives. No way of knowing that you're actually being harmed, day after day. If you've learned that you're suffering health consequences from exposure to lead paint, you might feel a sense of betrayal and that our modern society, with its regulations and health safeguards, has let you down. Fortunately, though those other safeguards failed, the legal system at least is designed to compensate you for the damage you've suffered. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can help you investigate, find answers, prepare a lawsuit, and receive the financial help that you need and deserve as you seek medical treatment and get your life back on track.


Don't delay calling a lawyer for help. Even if you think you can't afford a lawyer, the truth is actually that you can't afford not to have a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers can work for what's known as a contingency fee, meaning that our lawyers won't get paid until you do. With no money up front from you, and no monthly bills or payments, Daniel will investigate, prepare your case, and advocate for you in court. Then, when your suit succeeds and the party responsible for your lead paint sickness is ordered to compensate you financially, you will receive most of the award and Daniel will receive a previously-agreed percentage of it. This arrangement allows everyone to get legal help, not just people who already have substantial financial resources.

You'll need a skilled lawyer to untangle some difficult legal questions in your case. To start with, finding the responsible party will take expert investigation and research by a dedicated lawyer. Because lead paint hasn't been legal to use for several years, chances are good that you were exposed in an old building and that the original owners or contractors who used the lead paint in the building, and the company that manufactured the lead paint, may not still exist. The question may then be what responsibility successor owners of the building had to investigate whether lead paint was present and remove it if found. Moreover, did others besides successor owners—property managers, leasing agents, maintenance personnel, or government inspectors, for example—also have a responsibility to investigate? Can they also be held legally responsible for your lead paint sickness? A lawyer will be able to research the applicable law and bring suit against all of the responsible parties.

A skilled lawyer will also have additional resources to build your case. A proven expert in testing for lead paint might be necessary to show that lead paint was or is present in a building. Expert testimony in court will be more more persuasive to a jury than the conclusions of non-experts. Moreover, a skilled lawyer will be able to process all of the evidence of your medical condition and likely future prognosis, including having your doctors write formal reports, having your doctors sit for formally transcribed interviews called depositions, and calling in additional experts to supplement your doctors' reports if necessary.

The evidence, once gathered, will be processed, analyzed, and formed into a coherent presentation by your lawyer that will convince the court and jury at trial that you deserve compensation and that the opposing party is responsible to pay it. It is also possible that, based on the strength of your case prepared by your lawyer, the opposing party (or parties) will choose to settle the case—that is, offer you a set sum of money in return for your dismissing the case—instead of going to trial. You'll need a skilled lawyer to negotiate a sufficient settlement amount and advise you if a settlement instead of a trial is the best decision for you. A settlement means receiving payment more quickly and avoiding the risk of losing at trial, but it might also mean receiving less money that you might win at trial. Your lawyer will help you understand the risks and benefits of each option.

Call our Attorneys for a consultation about your case today, and receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're being taken care of by a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer who will fight on your behalf.