Fire smoke inhalation injuries

Fire smoke inhalation injuries

It's traumatic enough to have been in a fire emergency, perhaps only barely escaping with your life. But if that was only the beginning of the nightmare for you, because you now have to deal with the consequences of injury and illness from the fire and smoke, you're going to need additional help. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can help you file and successfully complete a lawsuit to compensate you for the pain, worry, medical costs, lost earnings, and other damages that you've suffered from the fire and smoke. Call as soon as possible for a consultation with Liberty Legal Services, who can help you move forward and find the peace of mind that you need.


You can't afford to try to go it alone without a lawyer, and in fact, you might not realize just how well you can afford a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are allowed to work for a contingency fee, which means that you won't have to pay any retainer or legal fees up front, and won't receive monthly bills for legal fees. Instead, our New Hampshire Lawyers will investigate, prepare, file, and move forward your case, and at the end when your suit is successful and you receive a financial award to compensate your injuries, he will receive a previously-agreed percentage of that financial award. It is a good system that allows everyone who needs it to receive legal help, even those who, like you, may not already have large financial resources and who are also dealing with medical bills and lost time at work.

You'll need an expert lawyer, because the legal issues involved in your case could be complicated. Even if it seems straightforward—fire broke out, you were injured, you should be compensated—there are still many crucial questions to consider. Who is responsible for your injury? Why are they responsible, meaning why did they have a duty to prevent you from being injured? In what state of mind did they fail in that duty? Were they reckless, knowing that safeguards were inadequate and someone could likely be hurt? Or were they simply negligent, not bothering to ensure that safeguards were in place? Perhaps the fire was simply an act of God that no one could have done more to prevent or mitigate, in which case you may still be able to be compensated, but it will definitely change the strategy of your lawsuit.

It might even be complicated to determine whom, exactly, to file suit against. Probably the owner of the building, but what about others? A property management company? A maintenance overseer? A leasing agent? All of these possibilities should be examined by a lawyer who is familiar with what New Hampshire law allows and with similar cases and their outcomes.

You will also need a lawyer who is excellent at gathering evidence and presenting it in a persuasive way in court. In the case of fire, almost certainly a local or state agency will be involved in investigating what happened. Our lawyers know how to work with investigators and get access to their reports and conclusions, all in keeping with the legal rules of evidence so that it can be used in court and presumed to be correct and unaltered. He will also be able to interview investigating officials, determine how best to use their testimony as evidence in your case, and if necessary, bring in additional experts to support or challenge the official reports.

Your own medical condition will also be extremely important, and will have to be carefully documented in order to be entered into evidence. Liberty Legal Services will work with your doctors, interviewing them and preserving their testimony, and analyze your medical records in order to present and explain them to the jury at trial. You may feel like you're under a microscope if the opposing party decides to challenge the extent or severity of your injuries, but a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer like Daniel can protect you from improper questioning and make sure that your injuries are proven so that you can be compensated.