Snow Ice fall injuries | Slip and fall

Snow Ice fall injuries

New Hampshire is not known for its mild winters, and that's an understatement. You might have often suffered a mild loss of balance from stepping on a snowy or icy patch as you walked in winter. This fact of life presents a challenge to owners of areas frequented by the public: owners owe a duty to people walking on their property to keep the area free of substantial hazards. Living in New Hampshire is no excuse for allowing dangerous slip and fall threats to collect on one's property.

If you've suffered a slip or fall on snow or ice, you need to call a lawyer right away. An immediate start to investigating your case could make the difference between success or failure at court. The major reason for this is that the crucial evidence in a slip or fall case—the snow or ice on which you slipped—is by definition impermanent. Chances are low that any criminal charges will be filed as a result of your fall. In fact, chances are low that police will even be on the scene at all. Therefore, you can't rely on police records to be able to prove to the jury what the conditions were like at the time of your fall. The only way you'll be able to successfully preserve that crucial evidence will be to call a lawyer right away. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer with Liberty Legal can travel quickly to the scene of the accident to photograph and measure the patch of snow or ice that injured you, and track down any witnesses to the accident in order to find out if they can bolster your story.


There's more to a case than simply showing up in court and explaining what happened. The other party will probably dispute your account, and without evidence to back you up, your word may not be enough. That's why it's crucial that the scene of the accident be examined and documented as quickly as possible. How large was the patch of ice? How close to a building was it? How visible was it? Was it reasonable to expect that the owner should have known about it, and taken steps to correct it? Was there an easy way for you to avoid it, or was it necessary for you to cross it to reach your destination? Had anyone else fallen on it, although perhaps without such severe injury? Did the owner know about those other falls but still allowed your fall to happen? Was the patch of snow or ice in a depression or other feature where it should have been obvious to the owner that ice would form and pose a hazard? Did the owner actually know about those conditions and yet took no action?

All of these questions can be investigated by a skilled lawyer. Then, when the evidence is gathered, our lawyers will know how to assemble the evidence, present it in accordance with legal rules so that the court will allow it to be considered, and explain it to the jury persuasively.

It is likely that the owner of the establishment where you slipped will offer you a settlement, meaning a sum of money in return for your dismissal of the case. A settlement, if it is enough money to compensate you for your injuries, might be to your advantage because it will mean not having to wait long months to go to court before receiving the money, and it will also mean not having to run the risk of losing at court. A skilled lawyer will be able to negotiate for more money, if possible, and advise you as to whether accepting a settlement is in your interests. It may be better to wait and go to court.

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