Slippery floor injury NH | Slip and fall

Slippery floor injury NH

A slippery fall is the last thing you expect to have happen to you—almost by definition! If you'd seen the hazard you would have avoided it. If you've fallen and been injured, you deserve to be compensated for the harm that you've suffered. Your accident isn't a trivial or comical thing. It's a severe hindrance to your ability to live your life. You need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer who can help you find your way through the legal system and get you the financial compensation and justice that you need.

It's crucial that you call a lawyer as quickly as you can after your accident. A lot of evidence in your case will need to be preserved quickly before it disappears. This is especially true because most slippery fall cases don't rise to the level of criminal wrongdoing; the police probably weren't even called to the scene of your fall. This means that you can't rely on police documentation, photographs, measurements, or other records as evidence of the conditions that caused your fall. You'll need a skilled lawyer to gather that evidence for you, and it will need to be gathered quickly!


It might actually be impossible to document your conditions. After all, once you've fallen and been injured, the owner of the establishment where you fell probably won't leave the hazardous condition in place long enough for your lawyer to arrive and document it. In fact, the owner of the establishment actually can't leave it there, because then it would remain hazardous for other people passing by.

Even if it's not possible to see and document the actual conditions, time is still of the essence to gather evidence for a slippery fall case. For instance, another good potential source of evidence is other witnesses of your accident. They will need to be identified, and interviewed, quickly, before their memories fade. People who think they can remember clearly might still actually not be accurate in their descriptions, and multiple witnesses' stories might contradict one another. This is less likely to happen if they are interviewed quickly, as close as possible to the time of the accident.

Your lawyer will be able to not only interview the witnesses, but to do so in a formal setting called a deposition. It will be professionally recorded and transcribed so that it can be quoted in court, and will be an early and therefore more accurate record of what the witness saw and remembered. You might also need to sit for a deposition, at the request of the opposing party, in order for the opposing party to find out the specifics of your accusation and what you remember. Your deposition isn't anything to worry about, but you do need to have a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer on hand in case the other lawyer asks you questions that you're not legally obligated to answer. Your lawyer can prevent you from providing any answers that would hurt your case.

Another important aspect of your case is deciding whom to sue: supposing you suffered your slippery fall in a puddle of soft drink at a fast food restaurant. Is the owner of that specific franchise location the only possible person responsible? Or is the corporation also responsible? The answer may depend on some complicated legal factors, and you'll need a skilled lawyer to determine the answer. You're not being greedy or unreasonable by wanting to go after all parties who can be held responsible. The only reason why it's possible to bring suit against them is because they owed a legal duty to you and they failed to perform their duty. That is the reason you fell, and it is just for them to be ordered to compensate you for your injuries.

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