Sidewalk injury lawyers | Slip and fall

Sidewalk injury lawyers

If you've been injured in a fall or other accident involving a sidewalk, it might seem bizarre to have been so badly hurt by such a common, trivial object. However, that feeling is no reason not to seek the compensation that you need and deserve for your injuries. You don't even need to pay money up front to hire a lawyer—a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer with Liberty Legal Services will be able to represent you on a contingency basis. This means that he will not be paid until you are, at the end of your successful suit, where he will receive a previously-agreed-to percentage of your financial award. That way, lawyers can afford to represent clients who don't have a lot of financial means, and clients without financial means are still able to receive help from our New Hampshire attorneys.


One of the most basic steps in a sidewalk injury case is to determine who to hold responsible. Was the city or county government responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in good condition? Or was the owner of the store or other establishment fronted by that section of sidewalk responsible for it? Is there a maintenance-sharing arrangement between the owner and the city or county? Does the city or county hire a contractor to maintain the sidewalks? All of this will need to be investigated before the case can proceed, because it determines who may be named as parties to the suit.

Once you've filed your case, you'll almost immediately begin a process called discovery. This is an automatic process in which both you and the party (or parties) you're accusing will need to disclose to each other several important documents and other information. You'll need a skilled lawyer to help you know what to disclose, what not to disclose, and to make sure that the other parties have disclosed everything that they are required to.

In addition, the discovery process allows you to obtain even more information from the other party (or parties). A skilled personal injury lawyer will know what you can legally ask for, and how to word the requests so that they can't be evaded. A skilled lawyer will also know how to obtain legal penalties against the other parties if they don't comply.

You should call a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident, especially since there's a good chance that the only documentation of the scene of the accident will be the documentation you do yourself. That is to say, there probably won't be any criminal charges or police involvement, so you can't rely on policy records for photographs and measurements of the sidewalk and its defects. Meanwhile, if you delay in calling a lawyer, the sidewalk may be repaired or altered so that it becomes difficult or impossible to prove how it caused your injury.

As your case progresses, you'll need a lawyer who is able to handle evidence in accordance with strict legal rules. Medical records, witness testimony, expert testimony, and other records all have to be carefully handled and admitted in order to be useful in court. You'll need a lawyer who is expert in litigation and the rules of court.

You'll also need a lawyer to advise you as to whether you should go to court or instead settle your case for a fixed amount of money. If a satisfactory settlement can be negotiated, it's better for all parties—less waiting until the court can schedule your case, less bad publicity for the other party, and less risk for you that you won't prevail in court.

Call our New Hampshire lawyers today. Your injuries aren't trivial, and you deserve to be compensated for them. You can move forward and get back on track in life, but only if you have the right help.