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Product Liability claims NH

In today's world, serious injuries from manufactured products seem to be quite rare. One doesn't often hear of serious product failures, and when one does it becomes prominent news, partly because it is indeed rare. But if you are now one of those who have suffered from a product that you expected to be safe, your product liability suit needs to be handled by a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer.

As a matter of legal theory, product liability law has developed to protect consumers. You are not very well able to cope with the effects of a dangerously defective product; product manufacturers are probably better-equipped than you to handle it. It is assumed that product manufacturers charge a small premium for every product sold, which acts as insurance against an occasional defective product which may harm a customer. In that way, all of society contributes to the compensation that victims of defective products are entitled to receive.


It may be the case that the product manufacturer was not negligent or malicious in making the defective product; it may simply be impossible to avoid an occasional defect in any large-scale manufacturing operation. If your case is straightforward in this manner, our attorneys may be able to quickly and effectively negotiate with the manufacturer, hopefully reaching a settlement that the manufacturer is willing to pay because of the cost premium and the recognition that occasional defects causing injuries must be compensated.

But your New Hampshire personal injury lawyer can't just assume that your injury was caused by an unintentional defect. The possibility that the defect was caused by negligent or reckless carelessness makes it necessary for careful analysis and the unsparing pursuit of relevant evidence. Some of the evidence might be perishable, like the injuries to your body and the damage to any nearby objects, and so you should call an attorney as soon as possible after the incident.

Another crucial method of gathering evidence is called discovery. Discovery is a mandatory process in every case, and allows your lawyer to force the manufacturer to turn over documents, records, and other items that might be relevant to showing whether or not the manufacturer used appropriate care in making the product. Your lawyer can also force the manufacturer to answer questions about the product and the accident; these questions need to be carefully worded to meet legal requirements and to produce the most useful evidence.

In many case, discovery can result in a very high volume of documents and materials—the invention, development, testing, and manufacture of a product can take thousands of pages to properly document. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer has the ability to review these documents and determine what is crucial to your case.

Several essential elements in your case will need to be proven, and sometimes the legal principles involved are complex. What is the standard for liability for this manufacturer? It can depend on the nature of the product. What standard of care did the manufacturer have a duty to uphold? Did the manufacturer violate that duty, and if so, what evidence do you have of that fact? Were you using the product appropriately, or in a reasonably foreseeable manner? All of these issues, and more, must be carefully addressed in the presentation of your arguments and evidence. You need a lawyer who has the ability to correctly analyze the case from the beginning, knows how to find and collect the evidence that will address issue, and who knows how to present the case persuasively.

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