Defective children toys | Product Liability

Defective children toys

Living in the twenty-first century tends to nurture certain assumptions, including the trust that modern technology, regulations, and enforcement have ensured that ordinary objects are completely safe. But sometimes that trust is betrayed. One of the most tragic events that can happen to a family is harm to a little child, and unfortunately, sometimes the harm is caused by children's toys. If you think your child has been harmed by a toy, you need to call a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer right away to file a suit. Hopefully, you can recover compensation for the damage that your child has suffered. Don't delay before seeking help.


Children's toys product liability suits require an experienced attorney who can correctly analyze several legal issues. Product liability means that the maker of a product can be held responsible for the harm caused by that product, and in some cases this can happen even if the maker of the product tried to be careful and prevent the harm. In theory, it is better for the cost of defective products to be borne by the company selling the products, because they are better able to absorb it by very slightly raising the cost of each product. It would be undesirable to force the victims of product defects to bear the cost of their damages. This system also strengthens companies' incentive to make their products safe. Therefore, a skilled lawyer will use all available legal tools to collect evidence regarding the design, testing, manufacture, marketing, shipping, and selling of the toys to see if the company was negligent or reckless, but even if there is no such evidence, you can still hold the manufacturer legally responsible. Liberty Legal Services skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyers, can handle all of these issues for you.

In recent years, a lot of toy manufacturing has been outsourced to factories in less-developed countries. Some safety failures such as lead contained in children's toys have been highly publicized. It might not be possible to hold the manufacturer responsible if it is located in another country, but you should still be able to be compensated by the company that is distributing the toys in New Hampshire. The legal issues regarding where to file the suit, and in which court, will require careful study by an experienced lawyer.

A painfully emotional aspect of the case is establishing the extent of the harm that your child and family have suffered. Medical experts, physical and occupational therapists, and other experts may need to examine your child and produce expert opinions as to your child's injuries already suffered and likely problems going forward. The financial and emotional toll on your family can also be considered—have you or a spouse lost time at work because of the need to care for your child? Have you suffered significant financial damage for medical and therapy bills? Have you needed to hire caregivers or other professionals to help? Have family members required therapy or other interventions to cope with the traumatic situation? Your lawyer will gather evidence of all damages, carefully analyze them, and organize them into exhibits that can be presented to the jury in the most persuasive manner possible. It will be painful to have to explain your family's ordeal in such detail, but hopefully it will be satisfying to have your story heard and understood by those who can at least order that you be made financially whole.

Our attorneys will pursue your case with skill and compassion, and can do so without any payment up front from you. Instead, personal injury lawyers can accept a contingency fee, meaning a percentage of the eventual financial compensation you receive at the end of the case. Call today for a consultation, and receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your interests are being protected by a great lawyer.