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Surgery errors doctors make

When facing the prospect of surgery, you no doubt did everything you could to research the procedure, and find a doctor whose qualifications and experience promised a solid ability to perform the surgery successfully. If you, in spite of your caution and trust, are suffering the effects of a surgery error, you may be bewildered and trying to decide what to do. How can you receive financial help to pay your medical and other bills and make up for the time at work you've lost? How can you make sure you'll be able to receive whatever treatment is necessary to correct the problem and get you back to full health? You need a lawyer, because the process of receiving compensation through a lawsuit is complicated, and requires expert legal skill and experience. Daniel Hynes, a skilled New Hampshire attorney, has the experience, knowledge, and competence you need to have on your side.


You may already be overwhelmed financially, but that doesn't mean that you can't afford a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers can forego receiving any payment or retainer up front, and even any monthly legal fees, and can instead work on your case in return for not receiving payment until the successful end when you receive your financial judgment from the court. You actually can't afford not to have a lawyer on your side, and should call our lawyers as soon as possible.

Time may be of the essence. As soon as you realize that the error was made, hire a skilled personal injury lawyer and start preparing your lawsuit. If you delay, several things could happen to weaken your case. Intervening infections or conditions could leave you less able to prove the exact extent of the damage caused by the surgery error. The memories of other doctors and medical personnel who might have witnessed the error or your subsequent complications might fade. Medical records and other possible evidence could be lost.

You should be prepared to have your condition examined from every possible angle. In order to prove your case, you might need to have a medical expert who often deals with surgery error cases examine your records, examine you, and write a report detailing the expert opinion of what happened, why it shouldn't have happened, and what the specific damage to you has been. Moreover, the opposing party might also require you to also be examined by an expert of their choosing, to ascertain if the damages you list in your lawsuit are genuine and to find any evidence that the surgeon might not have been at fault after all. Our N.H. Attorneys can guide you through this process, making sure that you aren't subjected to anything that you're not legally required to do. He can also make sure that the opposing party discloses every piece of potential evidence that is required. He will know how to question the conclusions of any opposing expert reports, and choose the right medical expert for your case who can generate the stronger and more persuasive report.

Even seemingly simple questions, like which parties may be sued, require a skilled lawyer to answer. Was the surgeon alone responsible for the surgery error? What about the hospital at which the surgery was performed? Or a supervising surgeon or other professional? What about additional surgery staff like nurses or anesthesiologists who should have known that something was wrong and intervened? What about hospital support personnel and record-keepers: should they have noticed a problem and worked to correct it? Are any of those parties, if they did fail to act, legally responsible for what they did? Can they be listed in the lawsuit? A skilled lawyer will know, from a deep understanding of the law and familiarity with other, similar cases, how to answer these and other questions so that your suit is as strong as possible and so that you have the greatest chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Call us for a consultation about your case today, and receive immediately the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're finally in good hands.