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Rear End Vehicle Crash

If you've suffered from a rear end collision while driving, you know that it can be an extremely frustrating experience, even if neither you nor anyone else in your car were injured. How could the other driver have been so careless? Why wasn't your competent driving enough to protect you? How will you pay for the damage to your car and the injuries that you suffered? Will you have to go to court, and if so, how will you navigate that process? All of these questions, and more that you don't even know how to ask yet, can be answered by a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer with Liberty Legal Services.

Some people mistakenly think that they can't afford a lawyer. That's a mistake: you almost certain can afford a lawyer. New Hampshire personal injury lawyers are allowed to work for a contingency fee, meaning that you don't need to pay any money up front and your lawyer won't be paid until you receive your financial award at the end of the case. This way, people like yourself who are already suffering great financial burdens as a result of the accident can still receive legal help. There's no need to go it alone.


The legal system isn't really intended to be inaccessible for people without lawyers, but it also can't help incorporating hundreds of rules and practices that are very difficult for non-lawyers to master and maneuver effectively. How do you write a pleading so that it preserves all of your legal options for proving the other party's legal responsibility? How do you gather evidence so that the court will agree that it is reliable? How do you preserve the testimony of witnesses who won't be available later? How do you choose a jury composed of members who are most likely to give your case a fair hearing? How do you present your witnesses' testimony at trial? How do you cross examine your opponents' witnesses to show their biases or how their memories or analysis might be faulty? How do you decide if your opponent's offer to settle the case is worth accepting, or whether you should instead proceed to trial? All of these matters need to be handled by a lawyer who is experienced and expert in the legal rules that could end up deciding the outcome of your case.

In rear end collision cases, it is common for the accused party to offer a settlement, meaning an offer for the accused party to pay to you a certain amount in exchange for you not going to trial and dismissing the case. This can be a great outcome for everybody: you receive compensation for your injuries without having to wait until a trial can be scheduled, and without having to go through the emotional roller coaster of a trial with the risk and fear that the jury may not side with you, and the other party avoids a formal declaration that he or she is legally responsible for your injuries, and does not have to pay his or her lawyer for a full defense at trial. But a settlement could also not be the best outcome. You'll need a skilled lawyer to advise you as to your options. Is the opposing party offering far less than you could expect to be awarded at trial? Is your case so strong, and the other party's actions in causing the accident so egregious, that it would be worth it to go to trial and receive a larger financial award? These are your decisions to make, and a good lawyer can help you to make the best decision.

Consult with an attorney today, and start to move forward toward justice. With the right help, the legal system can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.