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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers New Hampshire

In an accident between a car and a pedestrian, it's no surprise who gets the worst of it. You're completely helpless against a huge moving object. You had every expectation that you'd be safe while walking, but someone else's carelessness violated your trust. Now you're facing ongoing injury, expensive medical treatment, inability to work, recurring fear, and the possibility that you'll never fully recover. It's a situation fraught with complication and emotion, which is why you need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer on your side to help you. You can receive the justice and compensation that you deserve, but you won't be able to do it alone.


Perhaps you think a lawyer is too expensive—after all, you're already suffering financially from your injury. Actually, you can receive a lawyer's help for absolutely no money up front. That sounds impossible, but it's made possible by an arrangement known as a contingency fee. It means that your lawyer won't get paid until you do, and when you receive your financial award from the case, your lawyer will receive a previously-agreed percentage of it. This allows lawyers to be able to help those who couldn't otherwise afford it. New Hampshire personal injury lawyer with Liberty Legal can meet with you for a consultation to discuss your case and help you to find a way forward—call him today.

It's important that you call Daniel Hynes as soon as possible after the accident. Even if you're overwhelmed with everything else you're going through, make a consultation with a lawyer a top priority. The reason is that it won't be enough to say what happened to you in court. You'll need evidence to prove your story. This evidence will need to include measurements and photographs of the scene of the accident, formal interviews with witnesses to the accident, formal interviews with your doctors, consultations with any police or paramedics who responded to the accident, and a detailed review of your medical records. The problem is, objects at the scene of the accident can be cleaned, repaired, or moved; memories of witnesses, doctors, and first responders can fade; and evidence obtained a long time after the event happened can be attacked as being less reliable by the other party's lawyer. You need a lawyer to spring to action quickly to gather all possible evidence and prepare your case.

After you file your suit, chances are the other party will also get a lawyer to defend him or herself. That lawyer's job will be to find any ways in which your claims or evidence are weak or flawed. You may feel attacked and re-victimized as your memory and even the existence or extent of your injuries are called into question. Having a skilled lawyer on your side can act as a buffer against this inevitable difficulty. Your lawyer will no how to answer difficult questions, and will make sure witnesses are not swayed or interpreted as actually going against your presentation of events.

This is particularly important during your deposition, which is a formal interview where the opposing party's lawyer asks you questions that are professionally transcribed and can be quoted against you in court. If you have a skilled lawyer, the other party's lawyer won't be able to ask you questions that actually aren't legally allowed, or to be able to twist your words in ways that you didn't intend. If your case ends up going to trial in front of a jury, this protection from your lawyer will be important again—you'll need a skilled lawyer to be able to object to questions that aren't proper and prevent the other lawyer from trapping you.

There's help and hope available for you. You won't be able to automatically receive justice just because it's right, but you will be able to thoroughly prove your case and succeed in the legal process. Consult our New Hampshire Accident Lawyers today.