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Defective Airbags Injuries

When you purchased your car, you reasonably expected that all of its features, and especially its features designed specially to keep you safe, would work properly. You expected to be safe in the event of an accident. If you were in a car accident only to find out your car actually had a defective airbag, you're now facing not only severe injuries, perhaps long-term disability, and the loss of your car, but also the emotional trauma of knowing that your injuries wouldn't have been so severe if the car manufacturer had been more careful.


Defective airbag cases present some unique features that are different from other car accident cases. There's even the question of what kind of case it really is. Was the car manufacturer negligent in designing, testing, or manufacturing the airbag? Or was the case of your airbag just a fluke, basically unavoidable, that makes the case a products liability matter? The difference matters quite a lot, because if the manufacturer failed to be as careful that it should have been, or was deliberately careless, additional financial damages might be awarded to you, as opposed to if the defect was merely a fluke.

You'll need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer to be able to manage these different possibilities and keep all of your options open in case the evidence gathered indicates a different theory of the case would be preferable. Our attorneys can sort through the different legal details and decide on the best path to pursue.

In a defective airbag case, the extent and cost of your injuries will be a crucial factor that will determine how much compensation you need. You need to call a lawyer right away, as soon as possible after the accident happens, in order to preserve all of the possible evidence as close as possible to the time that it was created. For instance, your injuries will begin to heal, and photographs of healed injuries might not be as useful for conveying to the jury just how bad your injuries were. You might also have intervening, unrelated medical conditions that have nothing to do with the accident and which could instead be blamed for your pain. In order to prevent these mistakes, a skilled lawyer should be on hand immediately to photograph all injuries, speak with all doctors, schedule formal interviews with doctors before their memories of your case fade, and start to find, if necessary, experts who can analyze the details of the accident and give expert opinion as to the extent and prognosis for your injuries. An expert might especially be needed to tangle out the difference between the extent to which your injuries were caused by the accident itself, and the extent to which your injuries were worsened by the defective airbag.

Another detail to consider, if your injuries are severe enough, is the defective airbag's impact on your long-term disability and earning power. Experts in occupational therapy, rehabilitation, vocational therapy and placement, and your employment industry may all be needed to prove to the jury that your injuries have been severe enough to not only cost you immediate medical expenses, but future earning power as well. Even if you will be able to work again, will you be hampered such that you have a lesser chance of advancing in your career as you reasonably expected to do? Will you require expensive accommodations that will make employers less willing to utilize you fully? Will you need to retire sooner because of the physical toll of your injuries? Will that affect pension or retirement benefits that you otherwise would have received? Will you need to take additional time off for medical appointments or rehabilitation therapy which could interfere with your work output? All of these should be factored into the summation of the damage that you suffered as a result of the defective airbag.

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