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Bicycle Accident Attorneys NH

If you've been in a bicycle accident, you're going to need help to receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you were hit by a motor vehicle or hurt by an obstacle or defect that you couldn't have foreseen, it can be complicated to work out who is responsible and for what amount. With a skilled New Hampshire personal injury attorney, you can successfully navigate the legal system and get the help that you need.

Chances are that you (or your loved one, if you're working on their behalf) have been injured pretty badly. Biking is a wonderful way to commute and travel, but there's still a long way to go to educate drivers and others so that bike injuries are minimized. In the stress of dealing with injury, you might feel like there's no time or money left for a lawyer. That's a mistake—a lawyer is crucial to your success in getting compensated, and can work for you for no money up front, and just an agree-upon percentage of your eventual financial award at the end of the case. A skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer, can begin representing you today for no money up front.


Lawyers are trained to understand and use the legal concepts that can be a little difficult for others. For instance, suppose your injury was caused by a motor vehicle that ran into you while you were biking. What was the driver's responsibility toward you? Of course he could never be justified in purposefully driving into you, but how careful did he have to be? Were you as visible as you needed to be, including wearing reflective clothing? Does that matter? Was the driver actually reckless, meaning he knew full well that his driving could cause harm to someone, even though he didn't actually intend that harm? Or was he merely negligent, meaning that he reasonably should have been more careful than he was but didn't think he posed a danger? All of these questions need to be answered carefully before the case is even started. A good lawyer can draft an initial complaint that leaves as many options open as possible, so that as evidence is gathered you can assign responsibility to the driver under the category that fits the facts best.

Gathering evidence is another crucial aspect of your case that requires a skilled lawyer. You can't just say what happened and expect to succeed—your memory could be challenged as being unreliable, and even your honesty could be attacked. You need evidence to prove your claim and persuade the jury that your side is correct. This evidence will include the testimony of witnesses, your own and the opposing party's testimony, interviews of doctors and other experts as to your injuries, measurements and photographs of the scene of the accident which reconstruct how the accident happened, and police and medical records that have to be handled in accordance with strict legal standards to prove that they are valid, original, and unaltered.

Once all the evidence is gathered, you'll need a skilled lawyer to decide how best to present it so that each facet of your bicycle accident case is proven in accordance with legal requirements. A lawyer will no how to get the evidence formally admitted into court and in front of the jury, how to educate the jury as to what it means, and how to show the jury how it all fits together to form a logical case for your version of events.

A lawyer with liberty legal will also help you navigate the questioning that you'll receive from the opposing party's lawyer: you'll probably have to sit for a formal interview, and then to formally testify in court. The opposing lawyer may try to ask questions that you're not legally required to answer, and so you need a lawyer who can object and protect you from giving answers that would be used by the opposing lawyer to hurt your case.

It will be a long and sometimes confusing process, but with a lawyer you'll be able to succeed and receive the compensation you deserve.